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Holistic Dentist Vancouver

A genius and mindful dentistry practice aim to provide answers and solutions to the most disturbing cases. A holistic dentist fits the description because they understand the mouth is not an isolated body organ. We know that everything that goes into the body affects the mouth. The result is a health system that creates a healthy mouth, body, and mind connection.

How does the holistic dentist differ from a traditional one?

A traditional dentist may recommend a device or tooth removal and adjustment service to resolve the entire dental problem. The difference is that a holistic dentist will suggest lifestyle changes that address every system of the body.

How does a holistic dentist maintain your teeth health?

High-tech treatment

A holistic dentist in Vancouver is different because they consider your body’s state to eliminate factors that hurt your heal. The dentist will, therefore, eliminate the need for invasive and painful procedures. Our technology keeps teeth healthy for longer to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Our state of the art technology includes the following:

  • 3D Digital X-rays
  • High-tech dental implants
  • Same day treatments, such as crown installations

Bio-friendly solutions

The traditional approach of dentistry uses dangerous chemicals for crowns and fillings. These elements are harmful to the body and may aggravate dental problems. A holistic dentist finds ways to substitute traditional treatments with non-toxic materials that are easy on the body. We, therefore, use solutions such as:

  • Sterile tools
  • Non-toxic resin
  • Mercury-free fillings and crowns
  • Composite fillings that match natural teeth in color and feel

Treat root causes

Working with a holistic dentist means you have a care and treatment plan that meets the specific needs of your body. Unfortunately, the typical dentist will not stop recurrent issues because they do not know the root causes. Holistic dentistry treats you as an entire entity to identify cases such as:

  • Consumption of excess sugary foods
  • An unbalanced diet that causes an unstable bacterial environment
  • Poor immunity due to an inactive lifestyle, which causes slow healing of gums

Balance functionality and cosmetics

Crooked tooth makes one self-conscious and affect the quality of life. The perfect teeth function correctly and have a decent appeal. The holistic the ideal balance between both aspects by addressing conditions that cause stained or bent teeth. While the traditional dentist will whiten and straighten your teeth, Breeze Dental offers excellent treatment and a guide of foods and beverages that will maintain your result.

Can you trust a holistic dentist?

Many holistic dentists have substantial experience as regular dentists. They made the official switch after witnessing the connection between the mouth and the body’s overall health. These holistic dentists research and conclude that the elevated practice is to treat the mouth with natural preventive measures that affect the body.

How can you find a holistic dentist?

Settle for the dentistry with the most extensive experience because they have a better understanding of all aspects. Our holistic dentist in Vancouver has twenty years of experience and offers an easy subscription and treatment program. Our office is at the center of Yale town and is easily accessible by major transport systems. We are currently taking new patients and can book you in for an appointment immediately.


Holistic Dentist Vancouver

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Holistic Dentist Vancouver

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