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Gaming Disorder Treatment

An addiction to video games is just as severe as any other addiction. A person can experience the same problems as an individual addicted to drugs and alcohol. Let the team at Maui Recovery help you shake your addiction. We take an innovative approach to gaming disorder treatment.

Physical signs of a video game addiction

Video game addictions take a toll on the body just like any other addiction. Be on the lookout for these signs.

  • Complaints of frequent headaches
  • Complaints of eye discomfort and eye strain
  • Dry or red eyes
  • Soreness in the fingers, neck, and back
  • Receptive motion injuries in the fingers, wrists, and hands
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Lack of sleep

Video games are healthy in proper doses. When an individual begins to exhibit these symptoms, seek professional help quickly.

Is a gaming disorder a mental health problem?

According to the World Health Organization, the answer to that question is yes. In the past fifteen years, addiction to video games increased. WHO added the disorder to their ICD-11, which is their diagnostic criteria manual. Playing a lot of video games for extended periods does not equal a gaming disorder. A person must exhibit the symptoms listed in the ICD-11 for one year to receive a diagnosis.

Some facilities that treat addiction added treating gaming disorders to the list of conditions they treat. Those affected by this disorder exhibit the same symptoms and withdrawal issues that is common in anyone addicted to any other substance or action.

Prevalence of video game addiction

The prevalence of this disorder will depend on what study you review. Studies show anywhere from 1-10% of video game players affected by this condition. Some studies choose to break down those with this condition into categories based on their symptoms and the amount of time spent playing games. Individuals who fell into the extreme compulsion category played as much as 50 hours of video games each week. These individuals are candidates for gaming disorder treatment.

This disorder seems to affect men more than women. It also appears to affect certain age groups primarily. This disorder occurs more often in men ages 12-20. Doctors also diagnose this condition in people located in Asia more than in Europe and the US.

How gaming became so addictive

Video games at their core are for fun. To keep a person playing a game, creators made sure to entice their users. In some games, that enticement happens by making a game more challenging for a user to get to the next level. In some games, there is no finality to look for. Searching for that finality, which does not exist, is what is enticing. In some people, however, that is a trigger. A person then compulsively plays the game looking for that end and gets a “high” off of completing more steps in the game. It is that compulsion that drives the addiction.

Don’t let an addiction to video games ruin your life. Contact Maui Recovery today so we can help you with treatment options for your gaming disorder treatment.

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Gaming Disorder Treatment

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