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Emergency Dentist Vancouver

Breeze Dental is one of the best dental treatment facilities with emergency medical care services. Our emergency dentist in Vancouver, Dr. Shelly Kassam, is available round the clock for emergencies and offers exceptional medical care to patients in severe pain.

Do I still need to visit a dentist if I don’t have any symptoms?

Several dental problems can prevail for several months without you detecting it. Only a skilled dentist can diagnose your tooth issues and help you with treatment or a preventative plan and minimize the damage. Most of these dental issues do not present any obvious symptoms. The only way to rule out a dental problem would be with regular dental visits. Continuous care is crucial for dental health and for maintaining your overall health.

Regular dental visits can also protect you from a potential tooth issue or gum related problems and helps rule out dental health problems in their early stages. This can protect you from costlier dental treatments and save you from a lot of pain.

Is your dental situation urgent?

Normally any extreme amount of dental pain calls for emergency care. Common examples of dental emergencies include a broken tooth, infected gums, tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, etc.

Similarly, if you suffer from a dental infection, mouth sores, abscessed gums, bleeding, or swelling, you must meet with a dentist that offers emergency dental care to manage pain and to prevent complications. Our emergency dentist in Vancouver is available round the clock for medical emergencies and helps his patients overcome swelling, pain, and discomfort in short notice.

Common dental emergencies

It can be difficult for anyone without a formal medical degree to know if whether they have a dental emergency or a simple problem that will heal itself with time. Here is a list of common dental emergencies:

  1. You fell and suffer from injuries in your mouth  – If you are above ten years of age that met with an injury, causing you to lose one or more of your teeth, you should visit a dentist immediately. 
  2. Knocked-out tooth – If one of your teeth gets knocked out, you need to put the tooth in a glass of milk and take it to the dentist’s office within 30 minutes to get it placed back in its socket. After the 30 minute mark, your doctor may lose the window to fix your broken tooth back in its socket.
  3. Pain and infections – If you suffer from a great deal of pain or discomfort due to a cracked tooth or teeth grinding or an abscess, you have a dental emergency. While you can take some Tylenol to reduce the swelling or use an ice pack on the area, you must visit a dentist at the earliest for emergency dental care.

Call us at (604) 305-0326 for appointments. At Breeze Dental, our highly sought-after emergency dentist in Vancouver, Omar Kassam offers the best medical care and support for dental avulsion, dental trauma, abscess, pulpitis, and a variety of other tooth-related emergencies.

Emergency Dentist Vancouver

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Emergency Dentist Vancouver

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