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Depression Rehabilitation California

Many people associate depression with regular visits to the psychiatrist and taking prescription medication. Rehab is probably one of the last things people associate with depression because it is often seen as a preserve of people with substance abuse problems. The truth is rehabilitation is one of the best ways to treat depression. Many people throw around words like “depressed” or “depressing” to mean bummed out of simply having a bad day. Misusing this word can be confusing for people who understand the severity of depression, which goes beyond simply feeling sad or disappointed. Depression is a severe mental health condition with significant effects on a person’s life. It is essential to understand the signs of depression and seek early treatment at a depression treatment center in California.

Signs Your or a Loved One Needs Depression Rehabilitation

Substance Abuse

A common sign of depression is alcohol and substance abuse. In many cases, alcohol or drug abuse precedes depression. Research indicates alcoholism is likely to cause depression than the other way around. In any case, substance abuse and depression often go hand in hand.

Proper intervention is required to achieve lasting recovery. Rehabilitation in a California depression treatment facility providing dual diagnosis can achieve sustained recovery for people with depression.

Doing things in Extremes

People who are depressed often do not have moderate actions or behaviors; they do things in extremes, including overeating, excessive impulsive shopping, and gambling. Depression can be incredibly uncomfortable, and alcoholism can seem to provide the escape people need. However, some people develop compulsive behaviors to hide what they are going through. Typically, the behaviors are easier to justify or hide from. Some of the actions that can provide temporary relief from depression include overeating, gambling, impulse shopping, and compulsive sexual behavior.

The compulsive behaviors often lead to guilt and shame, creating a vicious cycle that worsens depression. Residential depression treatment provides patients with the skills to identify and manage triggers, behaviors and break the cycle. 

Deteriorating Relationships

Depression can adversely affect your relationships. Contrary to common beliefs, depressed individuals may not necessarily look sad. However, depression may cause people to become irritable, negative, and short-tempered. In addition, some families may not understand the symptoms of depression and may mistakenly put pressure on a member to snap out of it.

Pressure from friends and family members may worsen the symptoms of depression, including shame, fear, anger, and resentment. This may lead to fights, arguments, and misunderstanding, worsening the depression. Inpatient depression rehabilitation in depression rehab centers offers patients opportunities to see how their condition affects their relationships. Alter Behavioral Health provides individual, group, and family therapy to help participants learn and manage depression.

Lack of Motivation to Interact or Socialize With Others

Depression may cause affected individuals to lack the motivation to leave their homes and engage with people. For many people with depression, the much they can do is spend their workdays and weekends alone in their homes or in front of the TV. In some cases, depressed individuals may find it exceptionally difficult to dress up and get to work or seek help. The isolation and sense of lethargy worsen depression and negatively affects work, relationships, and other aspects of life.

Alter Behavioral Health offers rehab for depression in California to help those suffering in silence overcome mental health challenges. Please contact Alter Behavioral Health to receive treatment in an excellent residential mental health facility in California.



Depression Rehabilitation California

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