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Alcohol and drug dependency can develop quickly, almost unnoticed by the consumer, and destroy their life even faster. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are multiple avenues of recovery open to those battling drug and alcohol addiction. Perhaps the most reliable and effective of these is enrolling in a rehabilitation program.

When searching for alcohol abuse disorder treatment, it can be difficult to settle on the best detox center for your needs. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve put together this handy collection of tips to guide you towards the finest alcohol detox treatment centers near you.

Here is everything you should keep in mind when searching for a program for detox from alcohol.

Supervised Detox

The path to sobriety begins with a period of detox from alcohol. This initial detox phase can be incredibly stressful for the individual and highly taxing on their body. In many cases, detox may lead to light-headedness, nausea, and even hallucinations. As such, it is essential that the detox you choose for yourself or your loved one provides supervised detox. At Chapter 5 Recovery, we guarantee 24/7 care to those enrolled in our alcohol detox program. Our addiction specialists will be there to provide medical care and encouragement whenever it is needed.

Residential Treatment

Those who attempt to battle alcohol and drug dependency through outpatient programs must contend with the temptations of the outside world. As such, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that outpatient programs have a much lower success rate than their inpatient alternatives. Chapter 5 Recovery understands the importance of residential treatment and endeavors to provide it to all who enter our care. Our inpatient programs typically run for 14 days, but a 30-day program is available to those who require a longer period of supervised recovery.

Group Therapy

Addiction is a solitary battle, but recovery is a group effort. Studies have shown that individuals battling substance abuse issues are much more likely to achieve sobriety when they have an extensive support network. That’s why we advise those searching for the best detox program for them to choose a center which provides group therapy. Chapter 5 Recovery is one such center. Our group therapy sessions serve to complement our one-on-one meetings to give our residents the highest chances of success.

Scientifically-Backed Treatment Methods

Some detox facilities take an entirely holistic approach to recovery. While holistic treatments certainly have their benefits, they should not be the primary focus of any rehabilitation program. Those who want the best shot at recovery should enroll in a program that utilizes scientifically-backed methods. At Chapter 5 Recovery, our alcohol rehabilitation program is based upon the latest advancements in rehabilitation science, while additional holistic treatments are available to those who wish to pursue them.

Post-Treatment Care

Inpatient care is, perhaps, the most essential part of the recovery process. That being said, it is far from the final step. Any reliable rehabilitation center should guarantee its residents aftercare once they leave the facility. Chapter 5 Recovery, for example, provides a comprehensive 9-week aftercare program to former residents. This program ensures our residents enjoy continued support as they readjust to life in the outside world.

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